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Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit

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Welcome to the Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit at Life Euegene Marais Hospital.

Dr Gregory Weir is a registered and certified Vascular Surgeon. After completing his pre-graduate medical studies and specialising in General Surgery, he sub-specialised and completed the South African College of Medicine's exams in Vascular Surgery. His interest in treating patients with complex wounds, contributed to formal training in advanced wound care (International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course, University of Stellenbosch) and formal training in hyperbaric medicine (Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Staff Training Course). 

Treatment is done under the supervision of a Hyperbaric Physician and two Hyperbaric Technologists who are all appropriately trained and qualified in hyperbaric medicine. They are immediately available throughout the administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a facility that is located inside a hospital and adjacent to a Level 1 Trauma Unit.


Meet our team members

Gregory Weir
Dr Gregory Weir

Hyperbaric Physician and Vascular Surgeon

Stefan Dippenaar
Stefan Dippenaar

Hyperbaric Technologist & Wound Care

Branden de Jongh
Branden de Jongh

Hyperbaric Technologist & Admin Manager


The Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit at Life Eugene Marais Hospital, offers a range of services in the field of hyperbaric medicine, vascular surgery, vascular investigations and wound care in a facility that exceeds national and international standards and guidelines. The Unit aims to treat patients according to the highest ethical, scientific and safety standards, while maintaining their dignity in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. 

We are able to offer the following services at our unit

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

State of the art hyperbaric equipment is available in a safe environement

Wound Care

The whole spectrum of advanced wound care can be done at our unit or in collaboration with your existing wound care team


Transcuataneous oxygen measurement can be done to assess tissue oxygenation


What is

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a specialised medical treatment that utilises the healing properties of oxygen when inhaled under increased pressure.


100% oxygen
Increased atmospheric pressure
(2 to 3 ATA)
Specially designed pressure vessel
Qualified medical personnel
Accredited facility




Potential side effects

How Does

Physiological effects:

15 times more oxygen dissolves in blood plasma while in the chamber

Clinical results:

Accelerated cell metabolism

Increased healing of compromised tissue

Formation of new blood vessels (neovascularisation)

Reduced swelling

Decrease in size of bubbles in blood vessels

Improved immune response:
Increased ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria
Reduced inflammation

How can I get access to

Before 1st Consultation:

Phone for an appointment
Obtain referral or motivation 

1st Consultation: 

Medical history
Physical examination by Specialist
Discussion of appropriateness of treatment
Discussion regarding advantages of treatment
Discussion regarding potential side effects
Informed consent
Selective referral to ENT Specialist

After Consulation:
Motivation letters and collation of supportive documents 
Authorisation requested from medical scheme
Authorisation confirmed

What does

1st treatment:

Reassessment by Hyperbaric Physician
Direct, continuous supervision by
Hyperbaric Technologist

Inability to equalise ear pressure might require formal referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist

Daily treatments:

60 - 90 minutes per treatment
1 treatment per day
No treatments on weekends

Total treatments: 5 – 30

Treament protocols are adapted to
individual patients according to their individual requirements

What should I expect during

At the hyperbaric unit:
SAUHMA Accredited facility
Qualified personnel
Safe, relaxed environment
Environmental control
Well maintained equipment
Clean cotton clothing

Before treatment:
Clean cotton clothing
No electronic equipment
No metallic objects
Select movie / music

Inside the chamber:
Hissing sound of oxygen
Clean linen
Feint pressure on ears

What you must do:
Correct ear pressure
Breathe normally
You are welcome to sleep

You may request termination of the treatment at any stage

COntact Us

Feel free to get in contact with us using the form below, and we will respond back to you ASAP. If you require an instant response, please give us a call.

Phone 0123358651

Cell Phone 0615204140

eMail: [email protected]

Address: 696 5th Avenue, Les Marais, Pretoria

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 8:00-16:00

  • Saturday - Closed

  • Sunday - Closed

The purpose of this web site is to offer Dr Weir’s patients and their families access to information regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy in general as well as specific information on certain disease processes that are treated using this modality. The information on this site does not necessarily apply to all patients with the same diagnosis. If you are not a patient of Dr Weir, please do not regard the information on this website as a substitute for a thorough assessment by a qualified health care provider. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

This practice does not condone “mild” hyperbaric oxygen. It is a gimmick used by con artists to deprive you of your money. For more info click here.

This practice strongly advises against ozone generators and ozone gas. Ozone is toxic and can cause permanent lung damage.