This is our other practice web site, which contains information regarding vascular surgery and vascular diseases.

This is the web site for the Southern African Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Association. It contains information regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Dr Frans Cronje
Dr Frans J Cronje has specialised in Aviation Medicine; Hyperbaric Medicine; Tinnitus; Balance Disorders & Rehabilitation; Wound Care; and Spirituality & Health.

This is the web site for the Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa.

This is the web site for the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.

HBO Evidence
The Database of Randomised Controlled Trials In Hyperbaric Medicine

Milpark Hyperbaric Centre
The Milpark Hyperbaric Centre is based at the Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa

St. Augustine's Hyperbaric Medicine Centre
The St. Augustine Hyperbaric Medicine Centre is based at the St Augustine Hospital in Durban, South Africa

Stellenbosch University Baromedicine & Occupational Health Facility
The Stellenbosch University Baromedicine Unit is based at the Tygerberg Medical Campus in Cape Town, South Africa

Information from the Environmental Protection Agency on the dangers of ozone

Dirk at Chambers

Vascular and Hyperbaric Unit, Life Eugene Marais Hospital, Les Marais, Pretoria, South Africa 012 335 8651