Dr. Weir is a registered and certified Vascular Surgeon. He developed an interest in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy after being introduced to the treatment modality by Dr. Frans Cronje in 2004. The interest was further developed when Dr. Weir participated in and completed the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Staff Training Course in February of 2007. He was given the opportunity to take over the Hyperbaric Unit at the Eugene Marais Hospital at the Eugene Marais Hospital in July 2007.

Since then the Hyperbaric Unit has evolved into the Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit.

Mr. Dirk Knoetze joined the team in June of 2008 as Hyperbaric Operator and Safety Manager. He has earned a reputation as a very gentle giant who is devoted to patient care in a safe comfortable environment.

Sr. Yolanda Weir and Mrs. Francel Ferreira, are responsible for the administration and management of Dr. Weir’s vascular practice, as well as some of the administration with regards to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Mr. Branden de Jongh is the newest addition to our team. His activities includes administrative and clinical work and he is keen on qualifying as hyperbaric technologist.

We offer a range of services in the field of hyperbaric medicine, that comply with international standards and guidelines. We aim to treat patients according to the highest ethical and scientific standards, while maintaining their dignity in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Hyperbaric Patient Bryan Habana

Vascular and Hyperbaric Unit, Life Eugene Marais Hospital, Les Marais, Pretoria, South Africa 012 335 8651