Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit

Life Eugene Marais Hospital
South Africa

The Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit offers a range of services in the field of hyperbaric medicine, vascular surgery, vascular investigations and wound care in a facility that complies with national and international standards and guidelines. The Unit aims to treat patients according to the highest ethical, scientific and safety standards, while maintaining their dignity in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Treatment is done under the supervision of a Hyperbaric Physician and a Hyperbaric Operator who are both appropriately trained and qualified in hyperbaric medicine. They are immediately available throughout the administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a facility that is located inside a hospital and adjacent to a Level 1 Trauma Unit.

The purpose of this web site is to offer patients a resource of information with regard to the treatment that they will receive, the advantages of the treatment modality, as well as the potential side effects and risks of the treatment. The content of this web site should not be considered as medical advice without an appropriate medical consultation.

Please feel free to contact the Unit with any questions regarding your treatment. Afrikaanse pasi
ënte is meer as welkom om hulle navrae in verband met hiperbariese suurstofterapie in Afrikaans te rig.

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